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Child Support Attorneys in Towson MD

Both parents are responsible for the child’s well-being when a couple separates or gets divorced. The custodial parent must pay child support, but how much is determined by income factors between both parents.

It takes an attorney who handles family law and knows the rules and factors determining child support payments. They can handle the representation for both parties of the situation and work to get the desired results.

Every state’s regulations are different concerning child support laws and payments. Like the rest of the country, Maryland is strict on the guidelines to get a child the adequate amount needed to live financially stable. The family law attorney knows the calculations and factors, and they will move toward the income of both parents.

A payment plan is drawn up, and upon the agreement of the custodial parent, a judge can sign off on the deal. However, if disagreements arise, the case will go to court before a judge. A suitable representation to speak on your behalf in court is even more critical at that point.

The court orders the final agreement of child support payments based on the income of both parents. However, things can change on a dime.

Written proof is needed, and the attorney can review and go before the judge and have the child support payments modified. These things can alter the child support payments that require an attorney:

  • Medical issues
  • Promotions or job loss
  • Remarriage
  • New agreements for child custody
  • Moving to another place

Maryland has a Child Support Enforcement Administration (CSEA), which works with parents to pay and receive child support. Getting an attorney to represent you is a wise decision. Levin Gann P A is a family law attorney in Towson, MD. Contact us today for all your child support needs and protect your child’s financial well-being.