Lee J. Eidelberg Reviews

Workers Compensation Claim Involving a Serious Leg Ingury

Mr. Lee Eidelberg knowledge of the law pertaining to injury claims is in my honest opinion impeccable. I sustained a very serious leg injury while at work and Mr. Eidelberg was recommended to me by a very trusted colleague and friend. I must state that I greatly benefited from Mr. Eidelberg’s prompt responses to ALL the questions I posed. Mr Eidelberg responded to ALL my questions in less than 10 minutes of receiving them (I am NOT EXAGGERATING). His explanations were very clear. He carefully navigated me through the entire process (from notifying the commission regarding his representation as my attorney, What needed to be done on the attainment of Maximum Medical Improvement status, having a second review by another physician for comparison with the evaluation of the Insurance company’s evaluating physician, the computation of award compensation, and the receipt of compensation from the commission. He clearly emphasized how any discrepancies between the two physicians (insurance company and the other doctor) would be resolved including having a hearing in the presence of a judge. At the entire process, I received a very substantial amount by way of compensation.
Words cannot express the extent of my appreciation to Mr. Eidelberg. I would like to give credit to Ms. Linda Iser, Legal Assistant in the office of Mr. Eidelberg for her excellent, courteous, and professional attitude throughout our interaction.

- Isaac

Articulate, Diligent, and Trustworthy

After consulting Lee, I immediately hired him for multiple cases against the BPD. He offered fair and affordable rates and worked hard to make sure every step of the way I felt heard and understood. He took care of everything necessary for the case, (all I had to do was answer his questions and provide my evidence). I did so all in one go and was able to sit back and focus on my own job while having the peace of mind that he was taking care of everything — and he did. (What more can you ask for in a lawyer). He treated me fairly, prepared me for every likely scenario; and always remained realistic. In the end he got all of my charges completely dropped! I will always recommend him to anyone I meet needing a lawyer.

- Ruby

Felt like Divine Intervention

I needed an attorney for my points hearing with an admin judge. I am so blessed to have found Mr. Eidelberg. He and his office are everything you hope for. He communicates everything to you in advance so you’re totally prepared on what to expect and what you should do. Then he handles the presentation of your side with all the important details and skill of a seasoned litigator. I thought at one point during the hearing, “wow, he’s SO good.” Plus, he does it all in a direct and non combative way that shows the judge you’ve done everything you can, before your day in court. You brought the best lawyer you can find with you. Feel blessed with your experience like I do. Thank you Mr. Eidelberg!!

- Stephen

The best of the best!

Lee, if I could clone you, I promise I would. Lee was recommended to me per another lawyer whom is dealing with a family law case for me and my son in regards to child custody. I couldn’t have been referred to anyone better and more fitting for my case. With stakes high l, emotions high, and overall, just a tired single Mom, Lee was right beside me through this entire ordeal. When I received notice that I had allegedly violated a protective order, Lee came in and my Mom and I had a consultation with him, in person. It took all of 30 seconds for me to tell Lee that he was the perfect fit for my case and for myself. Lee is a wonderful communicator and he is quick yet very very thorough in answering his emails or calls. I never felt as though I was on a time clock with him. He took my case and treated it as though it was his own. He consistently kept me up to date with phone calls and emails. While in his office, he welcomed me and my family in and sat down to explain the nature of my case. He has the utmost respect for all of his clients, reminds them that he is right beside them, and is a realist on unprecedented outcomes of a case. Openly, he explained all possible outcomes of the case, yet, also reassured me time in and time again. Before Lee was even hired and a retainer was signed, he began reviewing and working on certain aspects of my case, and for that reason, I am forever grateful because I feel as though a jump start on this case was a huge factor to such a successful outcome per the prosecutor. While Lee remains professional, he is also real. He is relatable. He doesn’t put himself on a pedestal, thinking that because he is a lawyer that he stands higher than his clients. Lee, my mom, and myself talked about the case, the possible outcomes, the strategies to be used with the case, and when all said and done, we talked about our dogs and my son. Genuine, real conversations like that reminded me that Lee didn’t see me as “just a paying client”, but instead, a real person with a family who needed the guidance and support from an extremely seasoned attorney. My rapport to anyone seeking the best of the best, is and will stand with the highest respect to this man. Lee, from my family to you, thank you for everything that you have done to justify my case and fight for what I deserved. You have a client for life in me.

- Kate

The best outcome […] and I cannot recommend him enough

Mr. Eidelberg was nothing short of knowledge, expertise, and professionalism while handling my DUI case. He was the first lawyer I spoke to regarding the incident and I immediately felt a sense of comfort, as he guided me with ease on the best way to handle the situation. His vast skillset, clear communication, and attentiveness made a tough circumstance proceed efficiently and swiftly. Mr. Eidelberg’s reliability, thoroughness, and compassion allowed for the best outcome of my court case, and I cannot recommend him enough.

- Anonymous

Saved my life and my career!!!

Mr. Eidelberg showed he was extremely knowledgeable about the law from the initial consultation. He did not sell any dreams and he was very realistic but, was still comforting. Mr. Eidelberg’s prices were reasonable as well. He didn’t up charge due to his name or status which is the feel I received from other attorneys I spoke with. He checked all the boxes a great attorney should, and I hired him immediately. I ended up in a sticky mess that involved a hit and run involving injury as well as other minor traffic violations and I was in a unique situation where most outcomes wouldn’t be ideal unless the charges had been dropped all together. Mr. Eidelberg was prepared from day one. Not only with the things a judge may be swayed by but also how the state and county in which the offense occurred operates. The small details are what can make the difference and Mr. Eidelberg was keen on these details. Most of the time between the incident and the court date was a waiting period and I was kept in the loop the entire time up until the day of court. On that day he was prompt and forthcoming about all options and possible outcomes. When it came down to it his years of practice showed even down the how comfortable and confident his tone was when speaking to the court staff and judge. Mr. Eidelberg’s preparedness on the front end led to maybe 5 minutes in open court if that as he embarrassed the prosecution and had all charges dropped. Truthfully, he would be scary for any prosecution to stand across in any court setting as I’m positive he was ready to fight tooth and nail on all fronts. I ever find myself in anything remotely close to what I encountered Mr. Eidelberg will always be my first call.

- Anonymous

Lee gets the job done

This is the first time my wife and I have been a client of Lee Eidelberg.
I cannot visualize how our experience could have been better. He demonstrated many qualities that seem to be lacking in people (especially in the younger age group) today.
A short list of some of these qualities are:
Honesty. I told him that I wanted to do a task in connection with our problem. He said that he would not recommend it and it would be a waste of time. I did the task anyway and he was right.
Knowledgeable. He knows the system and he knows how to get the desired results.
Concise. He stays with the topic being discussed. He does not embellish the conversation with unneeded, unrelated statements.
Responsive. Whenever I sent an email I received a prompt response. I did not have to wait days or weeks to get an answer. Also, all my questions were answered and all the information I requested was provided.
Access. When I called him, I was able to talk directly to him. I did not have to leave messages or talk to a robot and hope that he would call back.
Friendly. A genuine pleasure to talk to and work with.
Overall. Lee uses the KISS (Keep It Straight & Simple) principle in all aspects of his professional work.

- Melvin

Absolutely Fantastic

I was involved in a car accident over 3 years ago and Lee was handling the process for me. He was very knowledgeable and was ready to answer any and all questions I had with great detail and care for my understanding of what was happening. This case was a headache for me to say the least and I wouldn’t have been able to handle it without his aid, the outcome was I got a settlement that was higher than what the opposing party was originally going to settle at which made me that much happier as we came to the end of my case. The level of professionalism and willingness to do anything for their client was absolutely fantastic, I would highly recommend Lee for anyone facing traffic law related or personal injury related issue, mine happened to be both.

- Anonymous

Fantastic Attorney

I was charged with DUI and faced the possibility of jail time, since it was my second alcohol related offense in 2 years. I was also charged with 5 other traffic violations that carried significant points and penalties. I was unaware of my initial trial date and that a bench warrant was issued for my arrest, but Mr. Eidelberg was successful in filing a motion to have the Court quash the warrant. Based on his negotiations with the State, he successfully persuaded the prosecutor not to pursue the case and make it inactive, subject to me completing an alcohol program. Additionally, the State agreed to reopen the case upon completion of the program and dismiss all 7 charges I faced. As a result, my driving record will reflect no points concerning the incident, and I avoided the possibility that my probation for the earlier offense could be violated. Mr Eidelberg was compassionate and very knowledgeable.

- Anonymous

Fantastic Attorney

Mr. Eidelberg is a fantastic attorney. I needed to hire an attorney for a speeding violation, and Mr. Eidelberg is the best lawyer I could find. After consulting with him, he informed me of everything I was charged with and was extremely clear about the possible outcomes of the case. He also informed me of everything that I needed to do in order to possibly have the judge reduce fines and avoid points on my insurance. I followed his steps, and he took care of the rest. After we waited for a trial date for a substantial amount of time, Mr. Eidelberg was successful in getting my case dismissed because I was denied a “speedy trial”. This means absolutely zero fines and zero points, as well as a clean record. Do yourself the favor, and look no further than Mr. Eidelberg.

- Nicholas