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Tax Law

Under the leadership of Mayer E. Guttman, Sean K. Elavia, Andrew R. Sandler, and Sidney Weiman, LEVIN GANN P A’s Tax Law group specializes in tax planning for corporations, closely-held business entities (including limited liability entities), non-profit organizations and individuals. This area of the law is highly complex and therefore difficult to oversee, and yet, it has a tremendous impact on the economic well-being of our corporate and individual clients. Another complicating factor is that the longer you wait to address a discrepancy, answer a question, or solve a problem, the more that tax issues can compound into something insurmountable. Simply stated, if the tax foundation of your business is not rocked solid at the start, you are building your legacy on quicksand. LEVIN GANN P A’s Tax Law Group is determined to support our clients in ensuring that these complex matters are handled properly. We can spot inconsistencies before they become problems and we can solve problems before they become catastrophes. We have the expertise that you need to oversee this critical aspect of your personal and business affairs so that you can rest assured that all Federal, State, and local requirements are met. The creative and aggressive approach for which LEVIN GANN P A is known makes us ideal consultants and partners in helping you and your business generate and preserve wealth.

Using a team approach, our attorneys focus on planning and counseling for business formation, mergers, acquisitions, sales, and liquidations. Our Tax Law attorneys work closely with the Corporate and Business Law group, Wills, Trusts & Estates group, and the Real Estate Group, to offer expert and innovative advice in all facets of Federal, State, and local taxation. Included are tax-oriented structuring of commercial transactions such as mergers, acquisitions and corporate restructuring, and Real Estate matters such as tax-free exchanges. LEVIN GANN P A attorneys also represent clients in administrative and judicial proceedings including rulings, tax audits and appeals, and other tax controversies and disputes at the Federal, State, and local levels. At LEVIN GANN P A we focus and carefully monitor our clients’ tax strategy so that the clients can focus on their business and financial goals. Contact us today if you have questions or problems regarding the following issues:

  • Tax Controversy/IRS Audits
  • General Tax Planning
  • Tax Litigation
  • Wealth Preservation