What You Need to Know About Reasons for Divorce

Marriages change and end for a variety of reasons. These reasons can develop over time, or be sudden changes that require a swift resolution. Only you can truly judge your reasons for divorce; your safety, health and happiness should always be a priority. If possible, this should be a discussion with you and your partner., Unfortunately, your reasons for divorce might not facilitate that conversation. However, you choose to proceed, remember to take time to care for your own needs, and prioritize your well-being and the well-being of your children.

It is always important to consult with an attorney. Sometimes the misconduct by a spouse matters to a court and sometimes it does not. The fact that you are emotionally wounded by your spouse may only be one of numerous issues to a court and takes on less importance,

Here are a few reasons for divorce that might apply to your situation.

  1. Infidelity
    Infidelity is one of the top reasons for divorce and is certainly grounds for divorce in Maryland. If your partner has cheated on you by stepping outside your relationship, that is certainly an understandable reason for divorce. If you’ve discovered infidelity in your marriage, take measures to protect yourself, and ensure that your health has not been compromised. It is important to understand that if you forgive your spouse, resume your intimate relationship after discovering adultery or decide to engage in your own adultery, you can lose that as a ground for divorce.
  2. Abuse and Bad Conduct
    Without a doubt, abuse and cruelty are fully understandable reasons for divorce and grounds for divorce in Maryland . You deserve to be safe, happy, and protected in your home, and you do not have to live in an abusive environment. Take measures to care for yourself, and reach safety. There are countless groups which will ensure that you are safe and protected, as well as support you as you pursue legal separation. Bad conduct such as addiction, excessive gambling and other vices is also a cause for divorce. When discovered, immediate action may be necessary to protect assets.
  3. Financial Challenge
    Financial challenges are one of the biggest reasons couples pursue divorce, after infidelity and abuse. This might look like one partner’s reckless spending habits, or a lack of commitment to sharing finances. These are often a sign of a priority shifts within a marriage, indicating that both partners are on different pages.
  4. Personal Changes
    Personal changes are another reason for divorce, broadly encompassing shifts in sexual preference, life goals, or any other reason. As humans, we grow and adapt over time, and can experience great change. Sometimes these relationships can adapt to change, and sometimes a marriage must end with the growth apart of the individuals. These changes do not necessarily mean any party is at fault.Your reasons for divorce might not be listed here, but it’s likely that it falls within one of the above categories, in some way. However you proceed, we wish you the best of luck when deciding the directional course for your relationship.


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