Lee J. Eidelberg Reviews

So worth the investment!

I consulted Lee Eidelberg regarding a warrant, assuming I simply would get some basic information and then proceed on my own. After speaking with him it became clear to me that he had a good knowledge of the law, especially traffic law. He was direct and efficient yet kind. I decided to hire him and am grateful I did. He quickly responded to all my questions, explained my options and trial strategies to consider. He resolved my case entirely within a few weeks, with minimal effort on my part and no need to go to court. I recommend him without reservation!

- Anonymous

Communication was Phenomenal!

We retained Mr. Eidelberg, during COVID-19, due to our car accident. Throughout the process, and our 1st, Mr. Eidelberg kept us abreast of our options and everything that was happening in our case. Quick and clear communication at all times which we greatly appreciated. Would definitely recommend and use again if needed.
Thanks again!

- Anonymous


Lee is an excellent lawyer. He is very thorough in explaining the process as well as makes sure to answer any and all questions. Lee always made himself available to speak to me when I needed guidance or had further questions.

- Anonymous

Prompt, Though, The Best

Lee helped my daughter 6 years with a theft case. With his expertise,she didnt have to testify,or go to jail. She eventually went into treatment and is drug free and working.i still had his email address,and contacted about 3 weeks ago.In less than 30 minutes he responded to me.I had 3 Driving While Suspended charges,and a speeding ticket.The Driving While Suspended charges were due to MVA not removing the Suspensions when I paid a ticket I had previously. With his help,I felt confindent that I could defend myself. He didnt try to urge me to have him take the case on to make money.I knew he wouldnt,thats why I reached out to him.He guided through all aspects of the case,and coached me to what should say. To my surprise,he went even further,found the name,number,and email of the Assistant States Attorney, that was handling my case.This was in St Marys County,100 miles from Towson.He advised me to reach out and email her my situtation,along with my documents to prove my innocence.Of course I did.I went to court this afternoon,they already decided they were dropping the Driving While Suspened charges. I got a PBJ on the speeding ticket. To top it off,he emailed me to check up on me,right after the trial and congradulated me.Best lawyer ever. He has never let me down !

- Steve


I contacted Lee about an ongoing situation in which a family member has attempted to extort money from me. Lee took the time to respond to my question via email in a very thoughtful and detailed fashion and in doing so gave me great peace of mind.

- Ron

Professional, Efficient, Great Result

I found Lee Eidelberg through his website and after a free and informative phone consultation, hired him to defend me against a ridiculous speeding ticket in Maryland. Lee explained my options, asked for necessary details, and represented me in court. Lee got the ticket dismissed with no fines. Excellent result, and I highly recommend Lee and his expertise in traffic cases.

- Anonymous

Best Decision I’ve Ever Made

Mr. Eidelberg previously represented my wife in a personal injury case, and we both found him to be knowledgeable, insightful, patient, and professional. So, when I was the victim of pharmacy negligence, and I did not know what to do, I of course reached out to Mr. Eidelberg.

Though this situation was vastly different from what my wife experienced, Mr. Eidelberg was the same insightful, patient, and very thorough attorney. He communicated clearly with us at every step, ensuring that we understood all aspects of this situation, explaining his strategy, and discussing all options available. His advice and insight was invaluable. In the end, I felt very secure leaving the situation in Mr. Eidelberg’s hands. That trust paid off, literally, as he pursued – and obtained – a greater settlement than any of us had thought possible in this situation.

I cannot speak more highly of Mr. Eidelberg, and thoroughly encourage anyone in need of legal advice to reach out to him.

- Albert

Most Detailed, Professional, Courteous Lawyer in Maryland

Mr. Lee Eidelberg is just the most detailed, professional, courteous lawyer I have ever met. We needed a last minute defense lawyer in Maryland and we were from out of state which made things very difficult. So after making many phone calls and going over what all was needed and when nobody was available until Lee Eidelberg. He jumped right in, dug in, reviewed what need to be done, went back over everything with us to be sure we were all clear and we were all on the right page sort of speak. Mr. Eidelberg was so very confident, detailed and professional and we couldn’t have asked for a better lawyer. He is an excellent lawyer and he even went above and beyond to offer advise for us moving forward after he won the case for us. So very grateful for Mr. Lee Eidelberg and his team.

- Cheryl

Compliments for Mr. Eidelberg

Mr. Eidelberg was highly professional in managing my personal injury case resulting from a recent automobile accident. He thoroughly explained the litigation process, the steps he would take, his strategy for managing the case, and the projected damages that we would be seeking. Any questions I raised via telephone or email were promptly and thoroughly addressed. Having just received a very satisfactory settlement of the case, I would say that Mr. Eidelberg is one of the best attorneys I have every utilized in a legal matter.

- Douglas

Got Questionable Ex Parte, TPO Dismissed!

I had never had occasion to hire legal counsel before, and Mr. Eidelberg has set the bar particularly high for any future counsel I may need. Every step of the way he was helpful, supportive, respondent and always answered any questions I had completely and thoughtfully. Situation was that I found myself the Respondent in a temporary protective order where the Plaintiff was potentially misusing the statute to expel me from our jointly owned home as the result of a recent breakup initiated by me. Mr. Eidelberg was able to converse with the Plaintiff’s counsel immediately before the hearing for the TPO was to begin and instead of it being heard in open court. As a result, the Plaintiff’s counsel convinced them to dismiss the order since the hearing would most likely result in the order not being granted anyway since it was in fact groundless. After the very brief hearing, he sat outside the courtroom with my parents and I for over an hour and reviewed my rights, options and next steps for how to handle peacefully financially disentangling myself from my former co-habiting partner. He also immediately put me in touch with a partner in his firm who specializes in divorce law so that I can seamlessly and quickly handle that step. I can’t imagine how many other cases he was working on at the time, but I felt like his most important client. Really amazing service.

- Ms. T