Lee J. Eidelberg Reviews

Very professional. great lawyer!

I hired Mr. Eidelberg to represent me for a case with 3 drug charges against me. ( i am from NYC). He went straight to the point and told me exactly what to do and what moves to make. He was very open to speaking with me by phone and email any time i had issues or questions. He always answered all my questions and continued to put my mind at ease throughout the week leading up to my case. I highly recommend him to anyone that needs help. In my case, what he predicted was exactly what happened and I am very happy with the results. 10/10

- Anonymous

Excellent legal advice

Mr. Eidelberg provided excellent legal representation in a fairly sensitive criminal matter. From the first meeting, he was straightforward and reassuring about the situation, providing a very accurate assessment of best case, likely, and worst case outcomes. He had clearly worked hard ahead of the first meeting to understand the charges and was very knowledgeable about relevant laws and short- and long-term ramifications.

Mr. Eidelberg handled every step of this matter directly. He was easy to contact and available to answer questions, providing clear legal advice and realistic assessments of possible outcomes at every stage. The case proceeded as predicted with a good outcome due to Mr. Eidelberg’s negotiating skill and legal acumen.

- Anonymous

Amazing…The Best Representation!

On 1/30/18, I ve got a speeding ticket for driving 117 mph in a posted 55 mph zone with a $ 530.00 fine and 5 points in my driving record issued by State Trooper. For me, $ 530 and 5 points is very stiff penalties for speeding ticket which i felt i don’t deserved it. Aside from this fines and points the future implication of this speeding tickets on my insurance would be catastrophic and i would not easily allow it. So, i decided to request for a trial. i told myself if I’m going for a trial, I’m going to have the BEST representation out there. I did my research in the internet , and found the Best Lawyer(Lee Jay Eidelberg) out there that could represent my case. I contact him and asked him to represents me for my speeding ticket. Lee was very nice and understand my situation and accepted my case. I discussed the full details of the events of that night i was caught speeding at 117 mph. Based on the Summary of events, Lee designed a sophisticated strategy to lower fines and points. He requested a proof how the State Trooper caught my speed, he requested if the equipment is calibrated and properly maintained, and he also requested documentation if the State Trooper is Certified to use Speed Radar Gun. I believed this important steps of Lee made the State Trooper not appear on the Trial Day. As a results, the $ 530 fines and 5 points was dropped. and the best part…. i don’t points on my driving record! And that a BIG Savings! Thank You Lee… i hope you can help more people out there! LM

- Bert

Fantastic Legal Representation

I contacted Mr. Eidelberg via Avvo.com and had a voicemail from him shortly after the same day. When we spoke, he explained my options and even provided some advice before I agreed to hire him. My case, like many others, was for excessive speeding (101mph in a 70mph zone) and Mr. Eidelberg was able to get me PBJ for a violation that carried 5pts. and would have likely increased my insurance premiums or had me dropped altogether. Mr. Eidelberg and his staff were extremely responsive and professional, and I can’t recommend his services enough. Thank you again, Lee.

- Chris

5.0 stars

Lee has 5 stars from everyone on Avvo. That’s why I chose him. I am just testifying that what everyone has said is true. He’s the best. I was facing a 90 day suspension on my license and I had to hire a lawyer. I already knew Lee is the best and I wouldn’t trust any other lawyer to handle my situation. I walked out of court with a “reprimand”, which means no suspension, no work restriction. I couldn’t have had a better outcome. Lee gets 5 stars from me because he is the real deal.

Couldn’t say enough about the guy. Great professionalism, courteous. Thanks Lee. I’m sure his reputation is good enough, and you can take my word for it if you’re looking for a lawyer to hire for your traffic and speeding problems, then call Lee.

- Jared

5pts for speeding + 1pt for negligent driving

It was immediately evident during the consultation, that Mr. Eidelberg’s 30+ years of experience was exactly what I needed for my defense, and hiring him on the spot was clearly the best decision I could have made. Fast forward to the trial, and my ticket, that included speeding (90/65) as well as negligent driving violations, which combined carry a penalty of 6pts, was reduced to 0pts; hence neither violation will appear on my driving record. Of course every situation is different, but in my case (clean driving record prior to these alleged violations, and driving with traffic in the fast lane without weaving), I couldn’t have hoped for a better outcome.

- Karim

The best there is

I got a speeding ticket almost double the speed limit by DOT …. MR Eidelgerg got me a PBJ and saved me over $2,000 a year with insurance with this ticket. Only a $50 court cost . Wow I highly recommend this awesome attorney !

- Sunni

A+++ Excellent Attorney!

I found Lee while looking for an attorney to handle a serious traffic violation. I live out of state and his staff were very thorough and excellent at follow up and keeping me informed throughout the process.

The outcome of the trial was as good as anyone can expect: Not Guilty!

- Ken

Thank You!!! Awesome Lawyer

I was referred to Lee from another awesome lawyer that I worked with. Lee was very attentive and on point with everything. He worked as hard as he could my case. Any questions that I had to ask were answered in a timely manner, whether through email or by phone. I will definitely use Lee for any future legal needs.

- Antonise

Highly Recommend!

I’m so glad that I hired Lee. I consulted with a few different lawyers before hiring someone, but as I spoke with Lee I could tell right away that he was highly knowledgeable, a quick thinker, and well-spoken. I decided immediately to hire him. Throughout the process he and his assistant were responsive and informative. He advised me of some steps to take prior to going to court (e.g. driver improvement course) to help my case. Then, prior to my court date and again at court, he very thoroughly explained all of the possible outcomes, the probability of each outcome, and his strategies. He was really thorough and ensured that I understood exactly what was going on. In my particular case, he had minimal information available to him (due to the prosecution/state not providing it) but despite this was able to come prepared with various plans and strategies. Once the information was available, he quickly determined what his strategy would be. In my particular case, he got the best possible outcome for me, using a variety of information to convince the court. Without him or with a less competent attorney I most certainly would’ve had a worse outcome that would have significantly impacted my life. Because of his defense I now have an opportunity to keep my record clean. He was honest about the possible outcomes throughout the whole process while still ensuring that my fear and anxiety did not get the worst of me. In the end, it was worth every penny and I would absolutely recommend Lee to help get you the best possible result!!

- Anonymous