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My Son was facing 13 points & $1,400 in fines

I highly recommend Mr. Eidelberg. We contacted him shortly after my son received 4 traffic violations which could have resulted in 13 points, $1,400 in fines and the loss of his license due to him still being on a provisional license.

Mr. Eidelberg was very honest and straight with us through the whole process and explained everything in detail. He took the time to research so he was prepared for court. He personally contacted me through email with any questions he had.His assistant,Patti, was also very nice and would always respond back to my emails within minutes!!

My son’s case was completely dismissed! No points
or fines. Should we ever need an attorney again I will definitely be calling Mr.Eidelberg.

- Anonymous

Very professional with sound advise

I contacted Lee last week regarding a speeding ticket I recieved. He got back to me very promtly, via email. Not only did he advise me in my legal matters he also explained to me legal terms and pleas I was unaware of within my case. He was honest with me in that My ticket was a minor violation and would not need his services. But he also, advised me in what proper steps to take when I do go to court. I really appreciated his honesty with me. I found Lee’s contact on this site, and was pleased with the reviews he had recieved. I gave it a shot and honestly Im glad I did!

- Anonymous

Excellent lawyer

I contacted Mr. Eidelberg to help me with serious traffic charges against me. He immediately started on my case months before my trial date. Mr. Eidelberg helps me to gather all the important information for the case. Also he approaches my case from different point views. He answers all my legal questions and responded to all my e- mails. He contacted the prosecutor and he negotiated the charges, three charges were dismissed even before trial and I just paid a small fine for the last charge. I am a graduate student with clean traffic record. Mr. Eidelberg helps me to keep my traffic record clean. I really appreciate his guidance and help. I highly recommended. Mr. Eidelberg; He is an Excellent lawyer

- Anonymous

Best Lawyer

Lee contacted me instead of me trying to get a response from him for my daughters case,and even more, a case I did not pay him for.He is really does care. I would highly recommend him .You wont find a better lawyer that will help you .He is proactive,and on your side always.

- Steve

Serious Traffic Violation

My 17 year old son received his provisional license, and had only been driving for two months, when he arrived home early one evening with a ticket for driving 91 MPH in a posted limit of 50. This carried 5 points and a guilty conviction would have been damaging to his record and my insurance rate. I contacted Mr. Eidelberg who had a very reasonable rate and walked me through the process Jake needed to follow to ensure a favorable outcome in court. Today was that court day, and I’m happy to say my son received a PBJ verdict with no points and his fine was considerably reduced. Mr. Eidelberg comes highly recommended by me. He is very knowledgeable, kept in touch with us at every turn and we never had a doubt this was going to be money well spent. If you live in this area and need help, as I did, you don’t have to look any further than here.

- Mike

Best Lawyer

Lee has been the best Lawyer I have ever meant. He has been representing my daughter and she messed up and has had more charges since he agreed to represent her.He has never given up.He stays ahead of whats coming up and made sure her best interest is represented.He always responds to my concerns usually with in 30 minutes,which is rare with the lawyers I have dealt with in the past.I went through a meltdown where my daughter was held in jail on a charge that I didn’t hire him for, and he helped me and walked me through it.He is not only a good lawyer,but a really good person.He always emails back to me,I called him when i had no hope, and we talked and made me feel at ease ,and had control over the situation. He does,Lee is the best !!

- Steve

Hit & Run along with many other Violations

I want to begin by saying Lee is the Best. I hired him for my dad who didn’t have a license and was involved in a hit & run. Not only did my dad hit one car and kept going, but he hit two cars. On top of that he had 37 violations. 36 of the 37 violations were dismissed. My father ended up receiving a year of probation and community service. I believe this would not have been in my dads favor if we didn’t have such a distinguished and professional lawyer like Lee. It was definitely a case that neither the judge or Lee had ever seen. Lee proved he can handle “never before seen cases”. Excellent lawyer overall!!!

- Anonymous

Very prompt

Lee has always contacted me right away and has answered all my questions.He even got a postponement for my daughters trial the same day I paid him , and 6 days before the court date.He spent many hours through email discussing her case even before I paid the retainer.I am so impressed with his honesty and his advice .Lee has been awesome,I will follow up,I feel confident he is the best Lawyer for my daughter

- Stu

5.0 stars

Just after graduating from school I got into some trouble after drinking and making some terrible decisions. I had no idea what to do. I thought I had ruined my life. I knew I had to get an attorney and couldn’t really find one I was comfortable with until I met Lee. I called Lee while he was on vacation and less than an hour later I had a response. The response sounded like all of the other lawyers I talked to until he told me everything possible he was going to try, and assured me everything was going to be okay. After meeting with him was the first time I felt good about my future in weeks and I knew I needed him to represent me. Both Lee and his assistant Mark did everything they possibly could for me and kept me up to date on everything that was going on. While all the other Lawyers I talked to told me they could most likely get me probation before judgement, Lee was confident he could get my case dropped. Two months later, and that was exactly what he did. I don’t know where i’d be right now if it wasn’t for Lee. If you need representation, I would STRONGLY recommend Lee Eidelberg.

- Anonymous