Amazing…The Best Representation!

  • March 28, 2018
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On 1/30/18, I ve got a speeding ticket for driving 117 mph in a posted 55 mph zone with a $ 530.00 fine and 5 points in my driving record issued by State Trooper. For me, $ 530 and 5 points is very stiff penalties for speeding ticket which i felt i don’t deserved it. Aside from this fines and points the future implication of this speeding tickets on my insurance would be catastrophic and i would not easily allow it. So, i decided to request for a trial. i told myself if I’m going for a trial, I’m going to have the BEST representation out there. I did my research in the internet , and found the Best Lawyer(Lee Jay Eidelberg) out there that could represent my case. I contact him and asked him to represents me for my speeding ticket. Lee was very nice and understand my situation and accepted my case. I discussed the full details of the events of that night i was caught speeding at 117 mph. Based on the Summary of events, Lee designed a sophisticated strategy to lower fines and points. He requested a proof how the State Trooper caught my speed, he requested if the equipment is calibrated and properly maintained, and he also requested documentation if the State Trooper is Certified to use Speed Radar Gun. I believed this important steps of Lee made the State Trooper not appear on the Trial Day. As a results, the $ 530 fines and 5 points was dropped. and the best part…. i don’t points on my driving record! And that a BIG Savings! Thank You Lee… i hope you can help more people out there! LM