Awesome Lawyer!!

  • October 28, 2015
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First let me say that I have NEVER written a review in my entire life. However, I had to write this review regarding my remarkable experience with Mr. Eidelberg. Mr. Eidelberg is one of the most skilled attorney’s one will ever meet. I found him here on Avvo for my son who had gotten himself into a mess with several speeding tickets. I emailed Mr. Eidelberg explaining my son’s situation, and he responded back to me, having looked up and researched my son’s case, the same night with in depth details and explanations regarding my son’s options (before I ever spent a dime or committed to retaining him). My son had accumulated 9 points by the time I hired Mr. Eidelberg. Mr. Eidelberg was able to convince the judge to allow my son a 30 day restricted license allowing him to drive to work, as opposed to a full suspension. During this same court hearing, the judge did not notice that my son had gotten another citation in the meantime. He went back to court with my son, and remarkably, was able to successfully argue the officer’s testimony did not meet one of the elements of the citation. As a result, the judge found my son not guilty. Instead of just accepting what appeared to be inevitable (my son being found guilty with more points), Mr. Eidelberg actually fought for my son in court. On both court appearances, Mr. Eidelberg completely explained the procedure before going into court, the possible options and consequences, and what he thought to best strategy would be. He came through on both occasions! He encouraged my son to do what he could do regarding filing papers to keep costs down. For his skill level and experience, his fee is very reasonable. He even gave my son a good stern fatherly talking to about slowing down and not speeding; which was great so my son could hear the speech from someone other than myself and other family members. Hopefully, my son will slow down and I will not need Mr. Eidelberg’s services again. However, if I do need such services again, I will call on Mr. Eidelberg without hesitation. Great lawyer!