Best Decision I’ve Ever Made

  • December 03, 2019
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Mr. Eidelberg previously represented my wife in a personal injury case, and we both found him to be knowledgeable, insightful, patient, and professional. So, when I was the victim of pharmacy negligence, and I did not know what to do, I of course reached out to Mr. Eidelberg.

Though this situation was vastly different from what my wife experienced, Mr. Eidelberg was the same insightful, patient, and very thorough attorney. He communicated clearly with us at every step, ensuring that we understood all aspects of this situation, explaining his strategy, and discussing all options available. His advice and insight was invaluable. In the end, I felt very secure leaving the situation in Mr. Eidelberg’s hands. That trust paid off, literally, as he pursued – and obtained – a greater settlement than any of us had thought possible in this situation.

I cannot speak more highly of Mr. Eidelberg, and thoroughly encourage anyone in need of legal advice to reach out to him.