Ethical – Professional – Successful

  • June 23, 2022
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Mr. Eidelberg represented me for a serious traffic violation resulting in two citations: negligent driving and speeding (91 in 65). Outcome was favorable with not guilty on both violations.
Full disclosure, the officer who issued the citations was unable to appear, which perhaps means that the judge would have had to accept a not-guilty plea with or without representation. However, even so, I do not regret the decision to hire an attorney, and in particular I would highly recommend Mr. Eidelberg’s services. Personally, I believe that even if the officer had been present, Mr. Eidelberg’s approach had an excellent chance of delivering the same outcome.  First, he is highly experienced. There really is no substitute for experience in these matters. Second, his communication is impeccable. He writes (and speaks) clearly and succinctly, and replies to all communication immediately. Third, although he is confident and capable, he is honest and does a good job to give you an unbiased assessment of what he likely can and cannot do for you regarding outcomes.  The only thing I would say to be aware of as his client is to avoid asking questions that take the tone of questioning his judgment, even unintentionally. While he will remain professional, it will not be difficult to detect a certain amount of annoyance at the foolishness of taking more stock in an opinion from some friend or some other lawyer you *didn’t* hire than what his nearly 40 years’ experience is recommending.  Even so, I would hire him again in a heartbeat. He really is excellent.