Exceptional Attorney!

  • August 09, 2016
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I had a ticket for going 91 mph and went to court. The judge was ridiculously rigid and gave me 5 points and doubled my fine. I knew I had other options such as an appeal but I was not familiar with the process. I found Mr Eidelburg and the rest was the best ending I could imagine considering my previous driving record. Mr. Eidelburg took his time to educate me on my options and recommend activities to help my case such as a driving improvement program. Based on his exceptional advice and his expertise work, he was able to get my points reduced to only 2 points and I received several hundreds of dollars back from the state from when the original judge raised my fine! I have never heard of the state wanting to give money back to anyone, but Mr. Eidelburg made it happen! I would recommend him to any and everyone and I will be using his firm for any additional needs for me and my family!