Final follow up review for Lee Eidelbeg

  • March 26, 2015
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Lee agreed to represent my daughter almost one year ago in a Felony theft charge that could have had jail time from 90 days up to 10 years.He was able to get the case continued twice which allowed for treatment and some breathing room.He always kept in contact with me and answered all my emails promptly.There were a lot a changes this year with my daughter and so he had to change his strategies which he did very well and never gave up.The outcome was way better than I could have expected.The charge was put on a Set Docket with no fines,no probation, no court cost and NO JAIL TIME. In three years the charge can be expunged.He was very prepared and had many different strategies on hand to defend my daughter the best anyone possibly could.I am very grateful that I can see my daughter get up and go to work, and thrive as a young lady should, instead of visiting her in prison for God knows how long. I have Lee Eidelberg to thank for this. I have dealt with Lawyers in the past, some were good,some where terrible,but not one was anywhere near the caliber as Mr Eidelburg . If you need an awesome Lawyer I would not bother looking any further.