Got Questionable Ex Parte, TPO Dismissed!

  • September 25, 2018
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I had never had occasion to hire legal counsel before, and Mr. Eidelberg has set the bar particularly high for any future counsel I may need. Every step of the way he was helpful, supportive, respondent and always answered any questions I had completely and thoughtfully. Situation was that I found myself the Respondent in a temporary protective order where the Plaintiff was potentially misusing the statute to expel me from our jointly owned home as the result of a recent breakup initiated by me. Mr. Eidelberg was able to converse with the Plaintiff’s counsel immediately before the hearing for the TPO was to begin and instead of it being heard in open court. As a result, the Plaintiff’s counsel convinced them to dismiss the order since the hearing would most likely result in the order not being granted anyway since it was in fact groundless. After the very brief hearing, he sat outside the courtroom with my parents and I for over an hour and reviewed my rights, options and next steps for how to handle peacefully financially disentangling myself from my former co-habiting partner. He also immediately put me in touch with a partner in his firm who specializes in divorce law so that I can seamlessly and quickly handle that step. I can’t imagine how many other cases he was working on at the time, but I felt like his most important client. Really amazing service.