Highly Recommend!

  • September 13, 2017
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I’m so glad that I hired Lee. I consulted with a few different lawyers before hiring someone, but as I spoke with Lee I could tell right away that he was highly knowledgeable, a quick thinker, and well-spoken. I decided immediately to hire him. Throughout the process he and his assistant were responsive and informative. He advised me of some steps to take prior to going to court (e.g. driver improvement course) to help my case. Then, prior to my court date and again at court, he very thoroughly explained all of the possible outcomes, the probability of each outcome, and his strategies. He was really thorough and ensured that I understood exactly what was going on. In my particular case, he had minimal information available to him (due to the prosecution/state not providing it) but despite this was able to come prepared with various plans and strategies. Once the information was available, he quickly determined what his strategy would be. In my particular case, he got the best possible outcome for me, using a variety of information to convince the court. Without him or with a less competent attorney I most certainly would’ve had a worse outcome that would have significantly impacted my life. Because of his defense I now have an opportunity to keep my record clean. He was honest about the possible outcomes throughout the whole process while still ensuring that my fear and anxiety did not get the worst of me. In the end, it was worth every penny and I would absolutely recommend Lee to help get you the best possible result!!