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  • November 23, 2016
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I was charged with driving on a suspended license on 2 separate occasions. I was charged with a total of 8 citations for which I was possibly facing jail time and fines up to $4,500. I was referred by a friend who used Mr. Eidelberg in their traffic case and were very satisfied with his work. Mr. Eidelberg’s strategy in my case was to consolidate the 2 seperate cases into 1 trial date which proved to be effective. Mr. Eidelberg was able to convince the prosecutor to dismiss all the citations except for 1 which was driving on a suspended license. Moreover, he was also able to convince the court NOT to enter a guilty conviction. I was able to avoid a possible 12 points on my driving record and a loss of my license. He fully advised me of ALL my legal rights on how to pursue my case before court with face to face meetings. I highly recommend Mr. Eidelberg as a great choice to represent you in your traffic violations.