Most Detailed, Professional, Courteous Lawyer in Maryland

  • August 29, 2019
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Mr. Lee Eidelberg is just the most detailed, professional, courteous lawyer I have ever met. We needed a last minute defense lawyer in Maryland and we were from out of state which made things very difficult. So after making many phone calls and going over what all was needed and when nobody was available until Lee Eidelberg. He jumped right in, dug in, reviewed what need to be done, went back over everything with us to be sure we were all clear and we were all on the right page sort of speak. Mr. Eidelberg was so very confident, detailed and professional and we couldn’t have asked for a better lawyer. He is an excellent lawyer and he even went above and beyond to offer advise for us moving forward after he won the case for us. So very grateful for Mr. Lee Eidelberg and his team.