Personal Injury – Motorcycle collision

  • November 08, 2015
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I was involved in a motorcycle accident, where I suffered a broken leg that had complications while mending. As a result of my injury, I lost my employment for 11 months. I was represented by an attorney who I felt wasn’t working for me but rather for a payout and didn’t communicate accurately the happenings of my case. Because he didn’t represent me in a way I felt he should, I became proactive and sought the help of the State Attorney and began researching other attorneys for representation.

I found Lee based on research I did when seeking a replacement attorney. All reviews said he was knowledgeable and assisted in receiving a just settlement. I met with him first for a consultation and was given the impression that the reviews were in fact accurate and later hired him based on my consultation. After hiring Lee, I had a sense that my case was now in much better hands as he kept me up to date on any and all proceedings (something that was lacking with my previous attorney). It didn’t matter if it was something trivial; if I had a question or concern Lee didn’t hesitate to answer and in terms I could understand. Many times throughout my case I felt exasperated and ready to give up but Lee encouraged me to hold fast and gave me the strength I needed to follow my case through to the end (three years later). His team (although it changed throughout my case) also worked diligently at keeping me informed and up to date on all matters that needed attention. Lee does expect his clients to be involved when necessary which is something my other attorney lacked. I truly felt he had my best interest at heart. Lee was ready to go to trial if need be but thankfully we were able to reach a settlement at mediation. Whether I think it was just or not does not affect my opinion of how well Lee represented me. In any lawsuit, a settlement never truly compensates a victim to what they feel they are owed, however I feel Lee tried and did the most he could to see that I received a fair settlement that would not put me at risk of being drug back into further legal proceedings.