Personal Injury Representation for My Daughter

  • November 08, 2015
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I would like to take this opportunity to thank Mr. Lee Eidelberg for the superior representation he provided for my daughter. Three years ago my daughter and her boyfriend who were riding a motorcycle in Ocean City, MD, were run down by the driver of a station wagon. My daughter’s right leg was broken and her boyfriend suffered a hematoma to his right leg. After the collision, my daughter and her boyfriend returned to DE where they resided. We requested a copy of the police report and we were all shocked to learn that although the report cited the driver of the station wagon to be at fault, no charges had been filed against the driver. My daughter and her boyfriend were on pain killers and dealing with their injuries but knew that they should seek legal counsel. At the time one of my husband’s co-workers mentioned that his brother-in-law was an attorney who represented personal injury cases and we arranged for a consultation with him. The consultation was brief and the attorney agreed to represent both my daughter and her boyfriend. The attorney requested that my daughter and boyfriend sign medical releases because he would need them to obtain medical information on their behalf – they signed the releases. The attorney was shuffling papers and asking for additional signatures and in the mix they signed a contract for his services without actually being aware of the type of contract they signed until the attorney dropped my daughter’s boyfriend a month later while they were engaged in a conversation over the phone and the attorney sent his file to him. My daughter’s boyfriend was relieved when his attorney stated that he hadn’t really done anything for him and didn’t need to pay him for his “service”. The attorney kept my daughter as a client. My daughter suffered extreme anxiety while being “represented” by her DE attorney because he failed to communicate the legal process to her; did not return phone calls promptly; and demanded that she place calls to her human resource office and The Hartford or anywhere else he deemed a phone call necessary. The attorney finally notified my daughter that because the injury occurred in MD that he would have to turn it over to another attorney who could represent her in MD. My daughter was relieved but still worried about having to pay this horrible attorney. My daughter researched two attorney’s through AVVO and had consultations with each (I went with her to both consultations). My daughter chose Mr. Eidelberg, or Lee as we quickly became comfortable with calling him, and she never had to regret her decision. Through the three years that it took to reach a settlement Lee was just a moment away from ANY concern my daughter had – he would address the issue professionally and if warranted, inject humor, as well. Lee is an outstanding communicator – he listens, processes, and responds so that whomever he’s holding a conversation with understands fully what is being addressed. I believe this unique quality makes Lee so successful. If you feel that you need a rock to get you through an impossible situation where legalities are involved, I suggest that you contact Lee Edielberg immediately. Thank you Lee, and thanks to your staff, as well.