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  • June 25, 2017
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Mr. Lee represented me in court as the Petitioner and Respondent in two intertwined protection order cases. After our initial meeting, I was beyond confident that he not only completely understood my situation but would be successful in winning my case ultimately providing the closure needed for myself and family. Mr. Lee was diligent and meticulous in understanding the minute details of my case, which were many, and stayed abreast of all events that occurred leading to and during my final court appearance. During trial, Mr. Lee subpoenaed precise witnesses who strengthened my case and asked exact and pertinent questions to those who gave testimony. He helped me to remain calm and at ease being as my circumstances were complicated and tremendously exhausting. I was ultimately granted my protection order as the Petitioner and the other order in which I was the Respondent, was dismissed since I was accused of a plethora of preposterous acts. I was so relieved when the Judge granted my order and it felt like a huge weight was lifted off my shoulders!

For those dealing with drawn-out cases where children are involved, you know that it can be quite scary and stressful for them having to deal with intense court proceedings. I was beyond impressed with Mr. Lee’s patience, sincerity, and empathy when interacting with my nine-year-old stepdaughter. I truly cannot speak highly enough about Mr. Lee’s work ethic, knowledge base, confidence, and attention to detail. He was always easily accessible, punctual, and really made my experience as stress-free as possible. I would seriously recommend him to anyone looking for the complete package in an attorney because his skillset is unparalleled!