Prompt, Though, The Best

  • February 28, 2020
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Lee helped my daughter 6 years with a theft case. With his expertise,she didnt have to testify,or go to jail. She eventually went into treatment and is drug free and working.i still had his email address,and contacted about 3 weeks ago.In less than 30 minutes he responded to me.I had 3 Driving While Suspended charges,and a speeding ticket.The Driving While Suspended charges were due to MVA not removing the Suspensions when I paid a ticket I had previously. With his help,I felt confindent that I could defend myself. He didnt try to urge me to have him take the case on to make money.I knew he wouldnt,thats why I reached out to him.He guided through all aspects of the case,and coached me to what should say. To my surprise,he went even further,found the name,number,and email of the Assistant States Attorney, that was handling my case.This was in St Marys County,100 miles from Towson.He advised me to reach out and email her my situtation,along with my documents to prove my innocence.Of course I did.I went to court this afternoon,they already decided they were dropping the Driving While Suspened charges. I got a PBJ on the speeding ticket. To top it off,he emailed me to check up on me,right after the trial and congradulated me.Best lawyer ever. He has never let me down !