Saved my life and my career!!!

  • March 27, 2023
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Mr. Eidelberg showed he was extremely knowledgeable about the law from the initial consultation. He did not sell any dreams and he was very realistic but, was still comforting. Mr. Eidelberg’s prices were reasonable as well. He didn’t up charge due to his name or status which is the feel I received from other attorneys I spoke with. He checked all the boxes a great attorney should, and I hired him immediately. I ended up in a sticky mess that involved a hit and run involving injury as well as other minor traffic violations and I was in a unique situation where most outcomes wouldn’t be ideal unless the charges had been dropped all together. Mr. Eidelberg was prepared from day one. Not only with the things a judge may be swayed by but also how the state and county in which the offense occurred operates. The small details are what can make the difference and Mr. Eidelberg was keen on these details. Most of the time between the incident and the court date was a waiting period and I was kept in the loop the entire time up until the day of court. On that day he was prompt and forthcoming about all options and possible outcomes. When it came down to it his years of practice showed even down the how comfortable and confident his tone was when speaking to the court staff and judge. Mr. Eidelberg’s preparedness on the front end led to maybe 5 minutes in open court if that as he embarrassed the prosecution and had all charges dropped. Truthfully, he would be scary for any prosecution to stand across in any court setting as I’m positive he was ready to fight tooth and nail on all fronts. I ever find myself in anything remotely close to what I encountered Mr. Eidelberg will always be my first call.