The Best, can’t go wrong with Lee.

  • May 13, 2016
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I had a great experience being represented by Lee Eidelberg. I received a speeding citation for going 95mph in a 55mph zone and negligence driving. Also, I already had a not so good driving record. I was facing 6 pts on my DR-driving record, a $700 hundred dollar fine and possibly being disqualified from MPD if received these points on my DR. However, Lee was a life saver. Mr. Lee persuaded the court to avoid conviction for my speeding, the points associated with it, assess less than half the recommended fine, and persuade the Officer before my case was called to offer no evidence against me for my negligent driving citation.

The overall outcome of my case couldn’t have went any better. It was a blessing and lucky decision selecting Lee Eidelberg to represent me.
Fact: Great Lawyer