The best of the best!

  • November 16, 2023
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Lee, if I could clone you, I promise I would. Lee was recommended to me per another lawyer whom is dealing with a family law case for me and my son in regards to child custody. I couldn’t have been referred to anyone better and more fitting for my case. With stakes high l, emotions high, and overall, just a tired single Mom, Lee was right beside me through this entire ordeal. When I received notice that I had allegedly violated a protective order, Lee came in and my Mom and I had a consultation with him, in person. It took all of 30 seconds for me to tell Lee that he was the perfect fit for my case and for myself. Lee is a wonderful communicator and he is quick yet very very thorough in answering his emails or calls. I never felt as though I was on a time clock with him. He took my case and treated it as though it was his own. He consistently kept me up to date with phone calls and emails. While in his office, he welcomed me and my family in and sat down to explain the nature of my case. He has the utmost respect for all of his clients, reminds them that he is right beside them, and is a realist on unprecedented outcomes of a case. Openly, he explained all possible outcomes of the case, yet, also reassured me time in and time again. Before Lee was even hired and a retainer was signed, he began reviewing and working on certain aspects of my case, and for that reason, I am forever grateful because I feel as though a jump start on this case was a huge factor to such a successful outcome per the prosecutor. While Lee remains professional, he is also real. He is relatable. He doesn’t put himself on a pedestal, thinking that because he is a lawyer that he stands higher than his clients. Lee, my mom, and myself talked about the case, the possible outcomes, the strategies to be used with the case, and when all said and done, we talked about our dogs and my son. Genuine, real conversations like that reminded me that Lee didn’t see me as “just a paying client”, but instead, a real person with a family who needed the guidance and support from an extremely seasoned attorney. My rapport to anyone seeking the best of the best, is and will stand with the highest respect to this man. Lee, from my family to you, thank you for everything that you have done to justify my case and fight for what I deserved. You have a client for life in me.