The very best of the best!!!!

  • September 03, 2016
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My attorney, Debra Cruz, saved me & my son’s emotional and physical well being- literally. My life was completely torn apart at the beginning of my separation. There was absolutely no light at the end of my tunnel. Debra’s education, expertise, & emotional support saved me from losing my son. She walked my family and I through each & every step- always guiding and supporting me. She never failed me- not even once. The court proceedings got extremely confusing & technical for me to handle. A lot of divorcees choose to attempt to “go at it” alone- under no circumstance do I recommend that.

Words could never begin the gratitude that I have for Ms. Cruz. And although my case has since been closed- Debra still makes her self available to me for questions &/or concerns about the future. I have battled many many issues both personally & with my ex husband & without Debra, I don’t necessarily know I could have made it through.

I still have to go back to court at some point late next year- and I can only pray that she and her team are 100% behind my son and I again!