Workers Compensation Claim Involving a Serious Leg Ingury

  • May 22, 2024
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Mr. Lee Eidelberg knowledge of the law pertaining to injury claims is in my honest opinion impeccable. I sustained a very serious leg injury while at work and Mr. Eidelberg was recommended to me by a very trusted colleague and friend. I must state that I greatly benefited from Mr. Eidelberg’s prompt responses to ALL the questions I posed. Mr Eidelberg responded to ALL my questions in less than 10 minutes of receiving them (I am NOT EXAGGERATING). His explanations were very clear. He carefully navigated me through the entire process (from notifying the commission regarding his representation as my attorney, What needed to be done on the attainment of Maximum Medical Improvement status, having a second review by another physician for comparison with the evaluation of the Insurance company’s evaluating physician, the computation of award compensation, and the receipt of compensation from the commission. He clearly emphasized how any discrepancies between the two physicians (insurance company and the other doctor) would be resolved including having a hearing in the presence of a judge. At the entire process, I received a very substantial amount by way of compensation.
Words cannot express the extent of my appreciation to Mr. Eidelberg. I would like to give credit to Ms. Linda Iser, Legal Assistant in the office of Mr. Eidelberg for her excellent, courteous, and professional attitude throughout our interaction.