Worthy of your trust

  • June 23, 2016
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I’m not one to write reviews, but they are the reason I chose to reach out to Mr. Eidelberg for help with my first (and hopefully last) traffic violation. Not only did he respond within 1 hour of me emailing him, but his office called to follow up that same evening. Through just 1 email and 1 phone call, Mr. Eidelberg explained every little detail I could possibly want to know about my situation and what he could do to try and help me with minimal consequences. I was facing 4 citations that included speeding and negligent driving. The morning of my court date, Mr. Eidelberg was able to convince the officer to offer no evidence against me for 3 of the 4 charges. For the most severe charge, he was able to convince the judge to offer me Probation Before Judgement and reduce the fines from nearly $500 to below $100. I went from facing 5 points to receiving zero points! Mr. Eidelberg’s assistance has been invaluable. I hope to never need his help again, but he’s the first person I will call if I do.