The Consequences of Driving with a Suspended License in Maryland

Learn more about the penalties associated with driving on a suspended license.

Driving with a suspended license in Maryland could cost you more than a hefty fine. Whether you were pulled over for speeding, running a red light, or driving without a seatbelt, presenting the police officer with a suspended license could mean serious consequences, including jail time. Learn more about the penalties associated with driving on a suspended license and call Lee J. Eidelberg, a former Assistant State’s Attorney and Principal at LEVIN GANN P A, for a no-obligation consultation.

Reasons for License Suspension

Maryland drivers can have their license suspended for a variety of reasons. If you are caught driving with a suspended license, the penalties are vary depending on the reason for suspension. License suspensions in Maryland can result by example, from accumulating 8 or more points on one’s driving record, failing to either pay a fine for a moving violation or request a court appearance for the violation within a designated time, violating a license restriction, and failing to keep one’s vehicle emissions testing current.

Fines and Penalties

If you are convicted of driving with a suspended license, you can face as much as a year in jail, and $1,000.00 fine, and the imposition of 12 points on your driving record. Other driving while suspended violations can result in a $500.00 fine and the imposition of 3 points on your driving record. Still, other violations may result only in a fine. Once charged with a violation, it is imperative that the offender understand the nature of the suspension and the potential penalties they face. For repeat offenders, the State may elect to seek “enhanced” penalties even more severe. Promptly consulting with an experienced traffic attorney to determine what penalties and consequences you face is crucial.

The Possibility of Jail Time

Jail time or the imposition of significant fines and point assessments always remain a possibility when caught and convicted of driving with a suspended license. However, the Maryland courts should consider several factors when fashioning an appropriate sentence. In Maryland, if you are convicted of driving with a suspended license, several factors may impact on the Court’s decision to impose jail time or other significant monetary fines, including:

  • You are a repeat offender, having previously been found guilty of driving while suspended.
  • You committed other serious moving violations while driving suspended
  • You have resolved the issue(s) that caused you to be suspended and are no longer suspended, such as paying an outstanding ticket, having an emissions inspection, etc.
  • You were on probation at the time of the arrest.

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