Mar 20

Who gets what? Divorce and Property Division in Maryland

How is property split in divorce in Maryland? Division of assets in a divorce can be a fraught subject for a couple, and can often lead to disputes. Parties can agree on the division of their property, and if the division seems fair, the divorce court will frequently uphold the agreement. Usually, the best sort… Read More »

Mar 20

Adoption Options in Maryland

While adoption can be fulfilling and rewarding, the laws surrounding adoption in MD can be complex. If you’re thinking about adoption, you may need help understanding these laws or deciding on the type of adoption that’s right for you. LEVIN GANN PA specializes in family law and can give you the guidance you need as… Read More »

Mar 20

Is It Ever Too Late to Get a Nuptial Agreement?

It is never too late to get a nuptial agreement. In fact, many couples who come to see a family law attorney in Maryland to have a nuptial agreement are surprised to learn that they can benefit from having this kind of agreement even if they have been married for years. Let’s take a look… Read More »

Mar 20

Differences Between Maryland Protective Order vs. Peace Order

It makes sense to have confusion between a Maryland peace order and a Maryland protective order. However, you can only be qualified for one type of order or the other. The primary difference between a protective order and a peace order involves the relationship between the parties involved. If you need to file either type… Read More »

Feb 03

What Is Income for Child Support Purposes?

Child support is mandatory in every state across America to ensure the child’s financial needs are met. Some factors determine the income for child support purposes.   Each state is mandated by its own set of rules and regulations. Maryland has the Maryland Child Support Guidelines as a reference to determine the custodial parent’s income… Read More »

Jan 03

Maryland Guardianship Attorneys

In guardianship, a court appoints an individual to take charge of the financial and/or personal affairs of someone unable to handle those matters independently. Adults who cannot manage their money or personal lives because of physical or mental difficulties can benefit from guardianship. A person who is the recipient of guardianship is sometimes called a… Read More »

Dec 15

Qualified Domestic Relations Orders

A judge enters a Qualified Domestic Relations Order in Maryland domestic relations court to grant an alternate payee the right to be paid all or a portion of retirement benefits that benefit the payer, usually the spouse of the alternate payee. Such orders are typically entered in divorce cases when the alternate payee is the… Read More »

Nov 15

What Is Guardianship and Do I Need One for My Loved One?

The matter of guardianship greatly impacts the parties involved, specifically the ward and the guardian. It can be a highly complex process, which is why you should seek the help of a lawyer. In Maryland, a guardianship lawyer could help get you the legal guidance you need regarding Maryland guardianship. But what is it exactly,… Read More »

Sep 15

Maryland Prenuptial Agreement Lawyers

Finding love and preparing for a wedding and life together is a joyous time. This is also the time that you may need to consider a prenuptial agreement, also known as a “prenup.” When preparing for marriage, there are some things to consider when considering a prenuptial agreement. A prenup may seem unromantic, but it… Read More »