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Jan 03

Maryland Guardianship Attorneys

In guardianship, a court appoints an individual to take charge of the financial and/or personal affairs of someone unable to handle those matters independently. Adults who cannot manage their money or personal lives because of physical or mental difficulties can benefit from guardianship. A person who is the recipient of guardianship is sometimes called a… Read More »

Nov 15

What Is Guardianship and Do I Need One for My Loved One?

The matter of guardianship greatly impacts the parties involved, specifically the ward and the guardian. It can be a highly complex process, which is why you should seek the help of a lawyer. In Maryland, a guardianship lawyer could help get you the legal guidance you need regarding Maryland guardianship. But what is it exactly,… Read More »

Sep 15

Maryland Prenuptial Agreement Lawyers

Finding love and preparing for a wedding and life together is a joyous time. This is also the time that you may need to consider a prenuptial agreement, also known as a “prenup.” When preparing for marriage, there are some things to consider when considering a prenuptial agreement. A prenup may seem unromantic, but it… Read More »

Jun 15

Maryland Protective Orders

Maryland law provides for individuals to obtain protective orders against others by whom they feel threatened. This is often necessary for instances of abuse. A victim of any type of domestic abuse has a right to file for protective action. It is important to have information on how protective orders work. If you are in… Read More »

May 07

Webinar: Financial Relief During COVID-19

On April 28, 2020, LEVIN GANN P A presented a webinar entitled Financial Relief During COVID-19. The program summarizes the COVID-19 relief options available for independent contractors, sole proprietors, and single member LLCs. The presentation covers the SBA PPP Loan, the EIDL Loan, the EIDL Grant, the stimulus check, unemployment benefits, and changes to retirement… Read More »

Mar 26

COVID-19 Business Relief

What is Included? Application Form Links MD Grant: Information | Form MD Loan: Information | Form MD Manufacturer Relief: Information | Form MD Layoff Aversion: Information | FormSBA Disaster Relief Loan: Information | Form Contact Information Andrew R. Sandler, 321-4660Practice Areas• Corporate & Business Law• Real Estate Law Stanford G. Gann, Sr., 321-4644Practice… Read More »

Mar 25

Summary of Emergency FMLA and Paid Sick Leave

Effective April 1, 2020 FMLA has been expanded in view of the COVID-19 situation we are facing. Specifically, private-sector employers with fewer than 500 employees, and covered public-sector employers, must provide up to 12 weeks of job-protected FMLA leave for “a qualifying need related to a public health emergency” to employees who have been on… Read More »