Jun 06

Client Alert: Construction General Contractor Liability for Subcontractor’s Failure to Pay Wages

Effective October 1, 2018, construction general contractors will be jointly and severally liable for the failure by subcontractors to pay their employees in accordance with Maryland’s wage and hour law. This newly-imposed liability is significant. Under existing Maryland law, an employer that fails to pay its employees by Maryland’s wage and hour laws may be… Read More »

May 10

Out of State Driving Convictions – Do Points – Levin & Gann

By Lee J. Eidelberg, Esquire Maryland is a member of the “Driver’s License Compact” which, with other member States, promotes compliance with driving regulations and equality in one’s eligibility either to obtain a license or continue driving. Compact members pursue this goal by reporting each conviction of a person from another party state to the… Read More »

Mar 15

Maryland Landlord/Tenant Laws: Important Considerations

Maryland landlord/tenant laws outline a strict set of guidelines regarding many aspects of the rental agreement process from security deposits to eviction. Read on to learn more about landlord/tenant law in Maryland, but keep in mind that procedures may vary depending on the specific county or city jurisdiction and local codes. Application Fees An application… Read More »

Oct 15

Title IX Sexual Offense Charges at the University Level

Under Title IX, universities are legally required to address and rectify hostile educational environments, including but not limited to sexual offense charges. Recent decisions made by the Supreme Court and the U.S. Department of Education have given Title IX an extensive range covering sexual harassment and sexual violence in federally funded educational institutions. As policies… Read More »

Sep 14

Moving Violations in Maryland: Should I Pay My Ticket, Request a Waiver Hearing, or Request a Trial?

By Lee J. Eidelberg Moving violations in Maryland vary in severity. Some call only for the payment of fines while others call for jail sentences that require offenders to appear in court on a designated trial date. For moving violations that carry no penalty of incarceration, offenders can elect one of three options that are… Read More »

Aug 02

Commonly Used Legal Terms in Maryland’s Criminal Court

By Lee J. Eidelberg When faced with the unfortunate circumstance of being charged with a serious motor vehicle violation or a criminal offense in Maryland, it’s important to become familiar with the terminology that is customarily used in the State’s traffic and criminal courts. Brushing up on the most commonly used legal terms will allow… Read More »

Jul 28

Maryland Marijuana Law 101

Laws regarding marijuana possession and use are constantly changing, and it’s important to know how they apply to you as a Maryland resident. Discover when marijuana is and isn’t legal in Maryland, and the punishments involved in breaking the law. Possession of Marijuana In 2014, Maryland passed a law that decriminalized the possession of small… Read More »